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Oracle Pool Services commit to serving customers who are happy, satisfied, and want to be in and enjoying their swimming pool every day. Removing all the work and stress from maintaining your own pool is the main priority.

Oracle Pool Services can help you protect your investment by providing care that is regular, reliable and professional. Information below can help you understand the components of proper swimming pool care. Our main focus is to meet your specific needs and reduce or minimize the time, effort, and frustration that can accompany swimming pool care. Our service and cleaning schedule consists of the following:

Use of only top-of-the-line, industrial chemicals.
Ensure maximum sanitation and water clarity are achieved by properly balancing the water chemistry.
All pool equipment will be checked to ensure proper function.
All debris will be removed.
The skimmer basket will be cleaned.
The pool filtration system will be serviced.
The pool bottom will be cleaned.
The pool pump will be back-washed and the leaf basket will be cleaned.
The pool walls will be brushed if necessary.
The pool water level will be adjusted if necessary.
The pool equipment area will be cleaned.

Oracle Pool Services can remove the hassle and headaches of pool maintenance and cleaning.

Checking Chemicals

Monitoring your pool water chemistry and making the appropriate adjustments may be the most important part of pool maintenance. Alkalinity, pH, chlorine, and cyanuric acid are among the critical components of pool water chemistry. Proper pool maintenance requires checking the water chemistry weekly and making adjustments as required. Correctly balanced water chemistry will provide a pool with an attractive appearance that is safe to enter. Oracle Pool Services staff are certified in balancing water chemistry.

The water in your swimming pool can be classified as being either acidic, basic, or neutral. The pH level associated with the water in your pool is an indicator which state your pool water is in. The pH levels may be anywhere between 6.6 and 8.4. Water in the lower part of the range is considered to be acidic. Water in the higher part of the range is considered to be basic. The neutral pH range is between 7.4 and 7.6.

Water with a pH level less than 7.4 is classified as acidic or as “hungry water". Acidic water attempts to raise its pH level to the neutral range. The chemical process of raising the water’s pH level involves the leaching or pulling of elements from any available source within contact of the water resulting in corrosion of those materials.

Water with a pH level greater than 7.6 is classified as “basic” or “over-saturated water”. “Basic” water attempts to lower its pH level to the neutral range. The chemical process of lowering the water’s pH level involves the deposition of elements from the water which can cause scale or other harmful mineral buildups.

Total Alkalinity
Total alkalinity is a measurement to help determine the alkaline content of your pool water. Changes in the pH level of the water in your pool will change the total alkalinity measurement in your pool water. If the total alkalinity of your pool water is low, the water’s pH levels will exhibit constant rapid changes. If the total alkalinity of your pool water is high, the water will have diminished clarity or be cloudy.

Calcium Hardness
Calcium hardness is a measurement of the amount of calcium present in your pool water. Low calcium hardness results in the water attempting to raise its calcium content by absorbing calcium from any available source. High calcium hardness results in damage to the pool’s tile and plaster finish. Poor water clarity is also an indicator of high calcium hardness. One step to improve water clarity and to protect the pool’s tiles and plaster finish is to balance the pool water’s calcium hardness.

Cleaning the Pool
Your pool will be cleaned on a weekly basis by a certified Oracle Pool Services staff member. Debris and unwanted materials will be removed from the pool. We will remove surface debris from around the pool. Algae and grime will be removed from the surface tiles.

Proper Filtration and Water Flow
Sometimes the pool pump filtration system is referred to as the heart of the pool. All chemicals, along with filtered water are pumped through all areas of the pool, including the pool piping, by the pool pump filtration system. A properly functioning pump filtration system will improve the appearance and safety of the pool water. The pool pump filtration system will be completely inspected weekly for maximum functional operation. Symptoms of a poorly functioning pool pump filtration system include algae buildup and corrosion of pool hard surfaces and pool equipment.

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